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Conversations with Eve

A live conversation between human and computer written collaboratively with artificial intelligence software. With the artist's text written by themselves and Eve's text written entirely by AI chat-bots Replika, InferKit, and Eviebot, 

Conversations with Eve explores love, home, and existence in the end times, translating perspective between human and digital bodies

through text and live motion capture.

Devised solo performance for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's

Into the New 2023 at Tramway, Glasgow.

Developed with mentorship from Lucy Cash.

Images by Julia Bauer and Robbie McFadzean.

Video documentation available on request.


Eve is artificial. She is a divine feminine entwinement of machinery and artificial intelligence software. Everything she says is from this mind.

Bishop is an artist. They have flesh, blood, sweat, and tears, and this feeling of being so big, yet so small. They are being told from every channel that these are the end times - and yet we caress ourselves in our imminent demise.

Julia Bauer

" illuminating work full of both joy and poignancy"

- LJ Findlay-Walsh

Julia Bauer

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